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What you need to know about going green in your toilet.

Smart technology has revitalised the way in which we tackle our every day lives from communications, businesses and so on. It is no surprise then that smart technology transitions into the everyday necessities.

Envoy Bidet Smart ToiletBidet toilets are by no means new to the market, with countries like Japan and South Korea being big endorsers of this type of product. However, slowly but surely, the Australian market is embracing this means of personal hygiene into our sights.

Arguably the most vital period of our lives, given the access we have to all worlds’ information at a touch of a button, we are solely responsible for all our actions we take without excuse now. With heightened awareness of the environmental impact we all have, cue Greta Thunberg’s speech, smart technology introduces a means to reduce the waste footprint we all are leaving behind.

So, what are the benefits of bidet toilets?

Your waste is reduced and you’re saving money long term.

Famously known for their unique cleaning method, bidets utilise water as their cleaning method for personal hygiene. With this way of cleaning, toilet paper becomes redundant as the cleaning feature is accompanied by a dryer as well. This means that economically you’re saving big dollars by eliminating the need to constantly purchase toilet paper – which definitely adds up! And sustainably by removing the use of daily toilet paper.
Depending on the size of your family or how many people you live with, you could be spending minimum $300 annually for toilet paper alone. For a year it doesn’t sound like the largest sum for an item, but there is an infinite amount of other ways $300 could be spent, no? A recent UK study showed that toilet paper is becoming less sustainable which in turn impacts our environment. By opting for bidet, you’re already on your way into helping our environment one session at a time!

                                       Bidet Water Pipe       Bidet Dryer     


You can customise it to suit your preferences - APP included!

Between a massage function, seat warmer, water temperature adjustment, cleaning pressure adjustment and more, the bidet toilet, or bidet seat, becomes a truly unique personal hygiene experience that can calibrate its settings for your personal requirements. Download the accompanying APP which is programmed via Bluetooth (because we all know that most of you take your phone to the toilet anyway).
Particularly handy if you’re injured or elderly, you can rest assured that you’re going to have an easier experience because of the bidet features.

The smart toilet experience is that of convenience and cleanliness. Our newest models, the Emissary and Amity smart bidets encapsulate the newest smart toilet technology and make your hygiene stress fade away.  


Some important installation information to mention.

With this technology feature added to your toilet, it does require an outlet in order to function. This will need to be carried out by a licensed and registered electrician to meet Australian safety guidelines and standards.

In the event of a power outage, no stress! Your smart toilet will still be able to regularly flush with only the additional features impacted by the loss of electricity. Once up and running, your toilet will resume all additional cleaning capabilities.

So, what are you waiting for! Bidet is the way of the future and you have the chance to make a difference in the process.


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